Mocapi Animation brings MOTION CAPTURE to animators from all walks of life.

We provide mocap to indie developers and start-ups who want to have a "triple A" look to their characters for a fraction of the money. The industry professional will benefit from our expertise and incredible turnaround times.

  • We use professional grade gear which enables us to achieve high quality in very little time.
  • We can provide the right talent, when needed.
  • We let you direct the shoot over a web connection.
  • We deliver your animations within an hour or so after the session. You receive your motions in FBX or BVH format.
  • We price our service to make it available to everyone.

Please take a look at our basic workflow.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be happy to talk with you about:

  • cloud-based real time demo
  • on-site visit
  • possible workflows and integration


Best Regards,
The Mocapi team.